Act instead of react

IT security from a different perspective, the attacker's perspective!

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IT security from the attacker's perspective - effectively prevent cyber attacks with Findalyze.

  • End of life inventory and classification of IT assets
  • Risk assessment and security classification of findings
  • Continuous monitoring with history
  • Monitoring of relevant IT security incidents and identity breaches

Risk management for SMEs

Findalyze offers more than just the detection of known vulnerabilities. We track every change in your external IT infrastructure, vulnerable or not, and prioritise the findings for effective remediation. 

Findalyze is enterprise technology for SMEs.

Findalyze Dashboard

See what an attacker sees and learn everything about the changes of your digital attack surface directly on the Findalyze Dashboard.

All your assets always in sight

Always keep an eye on your external IT-assets with Findalyze. A new asset comes online? No problem, Findalyze will tell you. An asset is not available anymore? Findalyze will see this, too.

Multi Tenancy

The Tenant Dashboard summarizes the risks of all your clients. Jump from the dashboard directly to the client for even more information.

Recent activities across clients

We provide you an overview of all recently found issues, along with recent activity like newly opened or closed issues and comments. This way, you can use Findalyze efficiently within your team as you can quickly see what has changed and by whom.


All issues always in sight. Thanks to the filter functions, you can keep an eye on everything.


Still know what happened 2 years ago. Findalyze keeps all information and comments per issue.

Explanation and advice

Findalyze not only shows you problems, but presents solutions.



  • E-mail password leak
  • IP address ownership
  • Open ports
  • Security headers
  • Software Vulnerabilities
  • SPF entries
  • Certificates
  • Credentials
  • Disappeared Assets
  • New Assets
  • Blacklist entries
  • Forgotten sensitive data
  • Subdomain takeover vulnerabilities
  • ... and much more


  • Multi-user
  • Multi-tenant
  • Rights management for users


  • Connection of external ticket systems
  • Connection to external monitoring software
  • Rest-API
  • Email Notification


  • CSV
  • PDF Report